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If you’re like me and you dread Mondays so you’re always looking for ways to start your week a bit better and set yourself up for a more successful week, then this post is for you.

1.New Start
Try to think of the new week as a new start. New opportunity to start exercising, eating healthily, being more productive, etc.

2.Plan Your Week
Set goals that you would like to achieve, so you are working towards something. Your week will be much better if there is clarity on what you want to accomplish. Don’t forget to also highlight the fun things you’re looking forward to for the week. That way you will not just focus on the not so fun things.

3.Take Some Time for Yourself
At the end of each day take some time for yourself. Relax,meditate, take a bubble bath, go for a walk, have a nice dinner, whatever you love to do.

4.Choose an Affirmation for the Week
Select an affirmation that will help to motivate you throughout the week. Write it down, set it as the lock screen on your phone or put it somewhere you will see every morning.

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5.Have a Plan for the weekend
Having something exciting planned for the weekend can be great motivation for getting through the week. Go to the movies, have a movie night at home, hang out with friends, go see family, whatever you enjoy doing.

I hope you try some of these and have a successful week.


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