Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up

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Stress cannot be completely prevented. However, you can surely reduce your stress level. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a break to call a friend and talk about your problems. Good relationships with friends and loved ones are important to any healthy lifestyle, and there’s no time that this is more evident than when you’re under a lot of stress. A reassuring voice, even for a minute, can put everything into perspective. Here are some other ways to reduce stress.

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Is Happiness Temporary?

It seems we are all striving for happiness but can we be permanently happy or is happiness just temporary.  I use to believe that constant, endless happiness was attainable. I think I was conditioned  to think that way, so for years I consistently yearned to be happy all the time. Not being able to achieve this brought some form of shame-is something wrong with me. read more

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New Month, New Opportunities

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Hey everyone, welcome to September,a new month which comes with new opportunities. Whatever your goals, plans, and wishes are for this new month I hope they all come to fruition.
Starting this new month here are some words for encouragement. Hope you feel inspired. read more

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Who am I?

Who am I, really? What is my true identity? Am I just the name that was given to me? Am I a daughter, a friend, a student, or just another inhabitant of earth?

I would love to know my true self, be sure of who I am
But is there really such a thing? True self?
If I learn something every day, change from day-to-day
Childhood self, different
Teen self, different
Adult self, different
Even today’s self, different from yesterdays read more

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