Things You Should Do To Prepare for Monday or the Week Ahead

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Monday’s can be quite hectic, so why not ease some of the pressure? Having a great week does not start on Monday but on Sunday.Take some time out of your Sunday night to prepare for  Monday or the week ahead.This will make your Monday morning’s less stressful and hectic and will most likely result in greater productivity. Here are a few things to try on Sunday Night’s to ‘Get your mind right’ for the week ahead:
1. Write Your to-do list
Take a few minutes on Sunday night to write out your to-do list for Monday or for the rest of the week if that is more helpful to you. Write down all that you need to get done.When you wake up Monday morning, you won’t have to be flustered trying to remember everything you need to get done—you’ll already know exactly where you stand for the day.

2.Plan Your Outfits
Figure out what you want to wear including shoes and accessories. This can be for Monday or for the entire week. Hang up or place your chosen outfits where they’re easily accessible, and have options ready in case the weather changes.

3.Pack Your Bag
Pack your bag with all the things you need the night before so you do not forget anything.

4.Prep your meal
If you do not have time in the mornings, you can try putting together an easy breakfast that you can just grab from the fridge and eat when you wake up or take with you to work or school.

5.Take time for yourself
Take time to quiet down,relax, meditate with no distractions or interruptions. Try to go to bed early, get enough rest and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day and week ahead.


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